Life Lessons from a Puppy

Obviously, she can’t speak, so it’s impossible to tell if she has the necessary self-critical or self-aware faculties to formulate a personal life philosophy; but, if she could, and she did, this is what I think the bones (sorry) of such a philosophy would be:

Be curious about everything – no smell too insignificant, no person too uninteresting – but learn from your mistakes, i.e. wasps = spicy.  Assume everyone is your friend until it appears otherwise. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Next time you might be bigger. Don’t scrimp on sleep. Give in to the nap. Play hard. Eat healthy, regular meals, and don’t be shy of experimenting with new cuisines. If caught doing something you shouldn’t be, try and deflect retribution by a) looking innocently cute, or b) running away. Let people love you, but not for too long – always leave them wanting more.

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