Welcome to DoSAC

Without wishing to get myself into trouble, I do sometimes encounter situations in the course of my work that make me very concerned about the people in charge of things. Witness a recent meeting at a central government department. Never mind the fact that the building itself is the epitome of soulless, a place that no sane human being would choose to spend more than ten minutes, the very air itself seeming gray.

Talking with the civil servants working on a particular initiative (whose success is really quite crucial for the new government’s credibility) we were party to this snappy, hot-off-the-press, newsflash:

‘the working group leading the review are looking at a recommendation to suggest putting together a working group to consider x.’

Excitingly, we may even get to be on one of the sub-committees that feeds into the machinations of said working group.

They did in fact hesitate to tell us all of this, only doing so on the proviso that we keep it secret. No need to worry. Pretty sure the above is too many characters to tweet. And in any case I’m not sure it was a sentence that contained any actual content. Never mind imperative to act.

Armando Ianucci’s brilliant DoSAC is remarkably close to the truth.

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