How to vote tomorrow

Over the Easter holiday the Bailey family tested the AV system. We were trying to pick a film to watch on Easter Sunday. We all duly voted in order of preference, and the winner was Greenberg, an indie film starring Ben Stiller as a repressed and grumpy recluse.

In actual fact, for reasons of internal Bailey family politics, we decided not to watch it, and instead put on the film that was everyone’s second choice, Tamara Drewe (featuring the rather lovely Gemma Arterton, above), and watched Greenberg the next night.

Both films were rubbish.

Tamara Drewe, in spite of the fact that it stars Dominic Cooper, and much to Mama Bailey’s disappointment, was nothing like Mamma Mia. The description of ‘laugh out loud funny’ was misleading. And, unfortunately for Papa Bailey, Greenberg was really nothing like Meet the Parents.

I’m not sure of the real political relevance of this anecdote, beyond the obvious fact that no voting system is perfect and there are always too many unknowns and unforeseeables to be sure of making the perfect choice.

To use my colleague Thom’s argument against him, yes, whether its AV or FPTP, they are both crap systems – but AV is marginally fairer, and if we don’t get it, that will be the whole question of electoral reform kicked into the long grass for a very long time. Which will be shame.

If you think British politics is fine and dandy just as it is, then vote no. But if you’re feeling at all disillusioned, you might as well vote yes, as it won’t make it any worse and might just make it a little bit better.

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