Journal articles and conference papers

Bailey, J., Lloyd, P. (2016). ‘The Introduction of Design to Policymaking: Policy Lab and the UK Government’ . Proceedings of DRS 2016, Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference. Brighton, UK, 27–30 June 2016. pdf.

Bailey, J., Lloyd, P. (2016). ‘A View from the Other Side: Perspectives on an Emergent Design Culture in Whitehall’. Proceedings of ServDes 2016, the Service Design and Innovation Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark, 24-26 May 2016. pdf.

Bailey, J., Lloyd, P. (2017). ‘A View from the Other Side: UK Policymaker Perspectives on Design’. Design Issues. (forthcoming).

Bailey, J. (2017). ‘Beyond Usefulness: Exploring the Implications of Design in Policymaking’. Proceedings of Nordes 2017; Design + Power, Oslo, Norway, 14-16 June 2017. pdf.

Bailey, J and L. Kimbell. ‘Prototyping and the New Spirit of Policymaking’. Co-Design. pdf.

Bailey, J. and C. Drew. ‘From Skills to Mindsets: Grappling with Complex Public Problems’. Touchpoint 9 (1): 40-44 (pdf).

Design Policy, Advocacy and Commentary

Armstrong, L., J. Bailey, G. Julier and L. Kimbell. (2014). Social Design Futures. University of Brighton. pdf

Bailey, J. (2017) ‘Elements of Novelty: Designer as Policymaker’. In Barbero, S. (ed.) RETRACE: Systemic Design Method Guide for Policymaking; A Circular Europe on the Way. Allemandi: Turin. (pdf).

Bailey, J., S. Davis and N. Hunter. (2015). Design for Good: 90 Years of the RSA Student Design Awards. RSA. pdf

Bailey, J. (2014) Social Design. ADF Papers: Design Paper #4. British Council. pdf

Design Commission (2011) Restarting Britain: Design Education and Growth. Policy Connect: UK pdf.

Design Commission (2013) Restarting Britain: Design and Public Services. Policy Connect: UK. pdf

MA essays

Defining Visual Culture

Vienna 1900 – Klimt and gender politics

Beauty and Politics in Britain

Paris 1900 – Art Nouveau as Industrial Policy

Meubles Parlants – Franco German Relations and Narratives of Art Nouveau in Fin de Siecle France

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